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Vlad Fisun is the UKrainian artist and music expert


I have over 20 years of experience
in creative marketing, communications and PR,

which includes creative development and execution, sponsorship and collaboration with premium brands, content development and creation,

as well as event development and participation both as an artist and manager.

I joined the Aristocrats FM in 2014 during the proactive phase of the Maidan Revolution.
My journey began with the 'Big Fisun' show at a non-commercial online broadcasting station. To secure financing for the project, I established connections with the Pernod-Ricard office and successfully managed our first sponsorship deal.

Over the course of 8 years, I produced and released more than 500 programs, which encompassed live music shows, streams featuring top DJs, cultural event reviews, and special projects. swiftly became a well-recognized brand and set the standard for a new kind of content creation, editorial policy, and sponsorship management.


Taft Plunk was an ironic idea to find out what could happen to the most famous robo duo if they became a low-budget scenic act promoting tongue-in-chic Frenchy house music. My long-term colleague, Vladimir Sivash, and I wore the lighting helmets and took the subway, walked into the pub, and hung out on the streets. 
So our friend and outstanding photographer Olga Babych followed us.

The most famous magazine about electronic music, Mixmag, published the project, which we also provided with a mix of French touch gems. It went viral with reposts on Tsugi,, and various blogs.

Furthermore, Taft Plunk had a few performances, including Websummit in Lisbon and UNIT.City in Kyiv.


The Atlas Weekend festival was founded in 2015 and experienced significant growth and demand within just two years. However, it faced challenges due to a lack of marketing strategy, established creativity, and overall PR efforts.

As the Creative Director, my responsibility was to build a positive public image for the festival and create a dedicated PR team. This involved organizing creative activities leading up to and during the festival in June 2018. To achieve this, I collaborated with experienced marketing strategist Michael Chernyak.
Together, we developed a strong positioning and strategy for the festival. We also organized a massive pre-party, facilitated communication between top artists and fans through social media, and executed a successful PR campaign with the team.

In 2018, Atlas Weekend became the largest music festival in Eastern Europe, attracting over 527,000 attendees.

Знімок екрана 2023-06-02 о 15.52.41.png

Burning Man 'Kurinivka' Ukrainian Camp


Kurenivka Camp at Burning Man was established by Yaroslav Korets and a team of collaborators and like-minded individuals in 2017.
Our mission was to represent Ukraine at the festival by showcasing unique art, organizing engaging activities, curating music programs, and providing a hospitable environment.

I joined Kurenivka Camp not only as a DJ and media activist but also as a field co-worker, contributing to the overall operations.
Additionally, I took on the role of a DIY filmmaker and documented this incredible experience.


Playboy Ukraine


The most famous men's magazine arrived in Ukraine in 2005, and I had the privilege of serving as its editor-in-chief. In addition to overseeing the editorial content, I also managed the events activities. During that time, we organized some of the best parties in town, attracting renowned guests stars such as Felix da Housecat and  Bob Sinclair.

Furthermore, we conducted roadshows across the country in collaboration with premium spirits and beverage brands, aimed to establish a community and promote the Playboy lifestyle in general, engaging with audiences throughout Ukraine.

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