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Vlad Fisun is the UKrainian artist and music expert


I have created over 10 creative marketing campaigns for global brands, combining the needs of the brand with insights into the target audience, content demands, updated contexts, and cultural purposes.

These include transnational promos, broadcasting sponsorships, event development and implementation, management, marketing, and media coverage.

Music became Pepsi's brand territory in the USA in the early 1980s, highlighted by iconic campaigns such as the global promo featuring Michael Jackson. However, in Ukraine, this connection was not clearly established until the recent global campaign, which made the need evident.

In 2013, I was invited to outline a transnational campaign and develop a concept to enhance Pepsi's brand among the young audience, with music as a key component.

The proposed solution involved organizing an online contest for new and promising indie artists, followed by managing 16 regional concerts throughout the summer. The band Hardkiss was presented as the next big act, with the regional winners coming together for a gala show in Kyiv to determine the ultimate contest winners.

This initiative successfully fulfilled Pepsi's brand mission to support all stages of the contest. It introduced a new product, established communication with a new audience, and reestablished music as an integral part of the brand's territory.


DJBuro and partnered with world-leading DJ brand Technics and Finlandia Vodka to create the Partykit: an online party anytime/anywhere experience. Top Ukrainian DJs, party people, and a professional filming crew.

The Partykit delivered a a three-hour showcase of excellent music, with a special emphasis on #vinylonly.

The show premiered on December 29, 2021, attracting a pre-party audience.


In the beginning of the 2010s, Miller established itself as a global leader in the realms of nightlife, trends, and coolhunting. In Ukraine, the brand sought a trendsetter with a global perspective and strong local roots, and I had the privilege of becoming one of the first paid content creators in social media.

The task at hand was to create an online community M-People, and curate a daily content plan that covered upscale, up-to-date, tongue-in-cheek, and exceptionally cool topics for discussion. Additionally, a series of parties were initiated, and I was responsible for promoting the line-ups, inviting Ukrainian DJs and celebrities to create 55 music compilations and mixes in alignment with the brand's mission.
Throughout the project's duration of three active years, it consistently excelled and remained top-notch.


Salute! was conceived as a series of parties with the purpose of raising awareness about the maintenance issues surrounding urban architecture in Kyiv and bringing people together following the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions.

The parties took place in the penthouse of one of Kyiv's most prestigious hotels, known for its historical significance during the late Soviet era. To enhance the overall experience, a soundsystem, lighting setup, and kinetic multimedia installations were incorporated into the venue. Additionally, Finlandia-branded bars and an art gallery added to the ambiance.

With a breathtaking view of the lush green zone of the Dnipro River, the first and only event attracted around 400 attendees.


Last Party on Earth with Sprite


In 2020, Sprite embraced the concept of fearless self-expression and began supporting artists and events with a similar attitude. At DJBuro, we recognized a unique opportunity in the heart of Kyiv—an old market—and decided to organize a one-of-a-kind party that humorously played on the constant apocalyptic trends in (social) media.

With the concept of a hub and an exciting lineup, the party attracted over 600 visitors who were eager to experience something truly extraordinary.

DJB LAST PARTY FB SPRITE edit [1920x1080].png

Happy//New with Borjomi and Brown-Forman

Kyiv has always suffered from a lack of exciting New Year parties, possibly because venues and promoters tire out over the course of the year while partygoers remain eager for more. To address this, the DJBuro, Time2Bass and Atlas Weekend teams joined forces to create an extravaganza.

We found the perfect space: an abandoned Soviet supermarket located in the heart of downtown. This unique venue hosted a multimedia art exhibition inspired by Burning Man, which unfortunately had limited attendees at the time.

With two stages, an art space, and a lineup featuring 10+ talented artists, we managed to gather around 2500 partygoers and delivered a memorable experience that left them feeling "happy and new".

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