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Vlad Fisun is the UKrainian artist and music expert


Since the beginning of my media career, I have been involved in the development of events for the media I worked in.
I started with famous Afisha parties, which quickly gained top-notch status in Kyiv and then in the country.  Then I invited disco legend Cerrone to perform at Viva! magazine opening party. I continued with Playboy parties during my term as editor-in-chief until 2010.

In 2017, I joined the team of the biggest music festival in Eastern Europe and became its Creative Director in 2018.

To consolidate my DJ activities, I established agency to provide all top Ukrainian agencies with quality performances, excellent music support, and additional stage co-production.

Also, with 10 years of participation in one of the most controversial Bomzh Party, involvement in the Burning Man Ukrainian camp Kurenivka, collaboration with Primavera Sound, and experience in building events from scratch in Portugal, France, and the USA, I would say my event managing skills are exceptional, without a doubt.

Burning Man

Kurenivka Camp at Burning Man was established by Yaroslav Korets and a team of collaborators and like-minded individuals in 2017.
Our mission was to represent Ukraine at the festival by showcasing unique art, organizing engaging activities, curating music programs, and providing a hospitable environment.

I joined Kurenivka Camp not only as a DJ and media activist but also as a field co-worker, contributing to the overall operations.
Additionally, I took on the role of a DIY filmmaker and documented this incredible experience.


The Atlas Weekend festival was founded in 2015 and experienced significant growth and demand within just two years. However, it faced challenges due to a lack of marketing strategy, established creativity, and overall PR efforts.

As the Creative Director, my responsibility was to build a positive public image for the festival and create a dedicated PR team. This involved organizing creative activities leading up to and during the festival in June 2018. To achieve this, I collaborated with experienced marketing strategist Michael Chernyak.

Знімок екрана 2023-06-02 о 15.52.41.png

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the software development mogul needed a New Year 2021 event to engage their numerous employees.
Creative Beast agency and collaborated to create one, involving top indie and pop artists, a studio for the party, online and offline gifts, and a celebratory spirit.
The event was filmed ad-hoc and streamed online, featuring live and pre-recorded segments with audience interaction. My role included producer, screenwriter, and host duties. 


Slupsky Event Management

Top Ukrainian agency Slupsky Event Management invited me to take part in the events for Dell CIS, Eurovision and GLO. I was involved as a host, DJ, sound producer and creative unit, tasked with developing and enhancing interactions.


DJBuro and partnered with world-leading DJ brand Technics and Finlandia Vodka to create the Partykit: an online party anytime/anywhere experience. Top Ukrainian DJs, party people, and a professional filming crew.

The Partykit delivered a a three-hour showcase of excellent music, with a special emphasis on #vinylonly.

The show premiered on December 29, 2021, attracting a pre-party audience.


Salute! was conceived with the purpose of raising awareness about the maintenance issues surrounding urban architecture in Kyiv.

The party took place in the penthouse of one of Kyiv's most prestigious hotels, known for its historical significance during the late Soviet era. To enhance the overall experience, a soundsystem, lighting setup, and kinetic multimedia installations were incorporated into the venue.
Additionally, Finlandia-branded bars and an art gallery added to the ambiance.

With a breathtaking view of the lush green zone of the Dnipro River, the first and only event attracted around 400+ attendees.


Happy//New with Borjomi and Brown-Forman

Kyiv has always suffered from a lack of exciting New Year parties, possibly because venues and promoters tire out over the course of the year while partygoers remain eager for more. To address this, the DJBuro, Time2Bass and Atlas Weekend teams joined forces to create an extravaganza.

We found the perfect space: an abandoned Soviet supermarket located in the heart of downtown. This unique venue hosted a multimedia art exhibition inspired by Burning Man, which unfortunately had limited attendees at the time.

With two stages, an art space, and a lineup featuring 10+ talented artists, we managed to gather around 2500 partygoers and delivered a memorable experience that left them feeling "happy and new".

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