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Visa Music Special – Vlad Fisun DJBuro 'Vinyl records of Ukrainian producers and labels'

Visa Music Special – Vlad Fisun DJBuro 'Vinyl records of Ukrainian producers and labels'

New Ukrainian Sound: essentials from the Eastern Europe electronic scene in a vinyl-only triple deck set  A DJ set of techno, breaks, house and experimental compiled from vinyls of Ukrainian artists and labels played in the historical center of Kyiv. Vlad Fisun, DJ and journalist, has been promoting progressive Ukrainian music for over 20 years. He played a vinyl-only set on three turntables that premiered on AristocratsTV (Kyiv) to commemorate Ukraine’s Independence Day.  “Vinyl is a sign of the artist’s commitment. It’s not cheap to produce and distribute. Artists take this risk consciously,” he said. Over 15 years ago, Ukrainian producers and labels started making vinyl for DJs. How did Ukrainian media respond to this? In short, they didn't. Local labels and producers release new music but it’s usually written off by the local music community as 'underground' and only finds a market on foreign websites.  Even so, from the very beginning of Ukrainian independence there’s been an invisible layer of electronic music pioneers. It has developed for 30 years, with even the most talented musicians  graduating to become ghost producers for local pop stars. Even now, few Ukrainian musicians make it at home. More often they leave for the U.S. or Europe to pursue their creative interests and make a living.  “We called this set Trident, after Ukraine’s national symbol. Three sources of sound literally prick the listeners and don't let them get bored with the music. This technique allows you to play identical records with the interference effect, or make the transitions so confusing that even the owners of records can't recognize their tracks,” Fisun said. The mix was recorded in the exhibition hall of Ukraine’s largest contemporary art center Mystetskyi Arsenal, which is currently closed due to quarantine. The tracklist includes records of Ukrainian labels: Aby Sho Mzk, Thousand Kisses Place, Subself Records, Tvir, Kultura Zvuka, Eleatics Records, Rhythm Büro Records, Artreform and Propaganda Records, as well as releases of Ukrainian artists on foreign labels. DZ’OB - Techno II (Aby Sho Mzk) Vadim Griboedov - Explica (Subself Records) Voin Oruwu - After All (Banoffee Pies) Hidden Element - The Content Has No Sense (Thousand Kisses Place) dOP - Carousel/Jennifer Cardini Remix (Eleatics Records) Zadig - No-Face (Rhythm Büro Records) Bodin & Jacob - PlsOzone (Tvir)  Harry Wills - Aroma Oeder Weg (Kultura Zvuka) Alec Falconer & Kizoku - Ricard Refreshmen (Kultura Zvuka) Nastia - Moment (Nilla) Joss - I Want You To Give It A Listen (Artreform) Luminer - Down Sweep (Artreform) Gera Taraman - Purpur/Bruno Ponsato Remix (Propaganda Records) Hidden Element - Strayed In Comparison/André Bratten Thousand Mix (Thousand Kisses Place) A year ago, Vlad Fisun played a vinyl set in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in the unfinished cooling tower of the 5th reactor. It was broadcast in more than 40 countries around the world.
ONLINE PARTY || Nastia | Anton Ptushkin | Sivash | Masha Efy | Vlad Fisun

ONLINE PARTY || Nastia | Anton Ptushkin | Sivash | Masha Efy | Vlad Fisun

В першу п'ятницю глобального карантину пройде грандіозна онлайн вечірка від Радіо Аристократи. Дивимось стрім разом з Ballantine's True Music Під час карантину ми всі намагаємося частіше мити руки, користуватися антисептиками, зменшити контакти зі знайомими, і працювати з дому, виходячи на вулицю тільки за найнеобхіднішим. Питання серйозне, тому правил необхідно дотримуватись. Але коли робочі години відпрацьовані, фільми набридли, а домашня бібліотека затерта до дірок, ми починаємо сумувати за нашим звичними вечірками. Формація DJBuro і Радіо Аристократи вирішили урізноманітнити вечір першої карантинної п'ятниці та влаштувати наймасштабнішу онлайн вечірку. Створити справжню атмосферу свята вам допоможуть прості домашні приготування і лайн-ап видатних клубних артистів України. Щоб вечірка відбулася вдома як насправді, організатори радять взяти участь в організації події. Підготувати до трансляції домашній комплект аудіо та відео, одягнути все найкраще, приготувати простий коктейль, замовити улюбленої їжі, зробити з домашнього світла сценічне та розвісити по кімнаті гірлянди. Діджейський пульт в цей вечір займуть: DJ Nastia українська дівчина-діджей, яка найбільше гастролює та регулярно прикрашає лайн-апи топ-клубів. Блогер мандрівник Антон Птушкін, який давно та успішно практикує діджей-сети по всьому світу. Резиденти DJBuro, діджеї міжнародного класу Vlad Fisun, Sivash, Masha Efy. Головна мета вечірки — закликати всіх залишатися вдома, але при цьому не відмовляти собі у справжньому святі.


My favorite form of expression, my backbone, my language, my hobby retreat, my way of life. I love DJing. It has given me everything I want, and I will continue to pursue it. I congratulate myself on it and promise to keep the groove going.
I started DJing in 1996. Since then, I have played thousands of sets, from huge international stages to water holes in the middle of nowhere.
You are welcome to check out my performances, both video and audio and find out more by following me on social media.
The playlist of Guest Mixes features studio works for labels, media, radio, and live performances. 


​My studio experiment with experienced sound producer Mykola Makeyev gained recognition with a release on 'Bueno Vacanzie' compilation on the flawless label Bordello-A-Parigi (NL).
'Allora' narrates the tale of two strangers adrift in the Moroccan medina, entwined in a delightful whirlwind of castanets and the twilight's synth-induced hysteria. The track was released on Bordello-a-Parigi in January 2023.

Naturally, we were immensely pleased to receive tributes from our friends' studios.

Polygrim is a long-standing Kyiv-based project, dedicated to synthwave and downtempo, with several albums released worldwide.

CJ Plus is a multi-talented producer and DJ hailing from Odesa, whose stylistic range knows no bounds, encompassing dub, techno, garage, big beat, and IDM, with a notable penchant for unearthing Ukrainian funk gems.

Leonor, our Mexican hermano based in Lyon, currently delves into dark disco vibes and maintains a relentless touring schedule across Europe.

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