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 DBS live performance - three turntables DJ-set ‘Tryzub’  - movie ‘Mustache Funk’

UA Soundsystem

We aim to promote the best of modern Ukrainian music,
capture attention, and convert it into ticket sales and donations for charity,
aiding civilians suffering in the Ukrainian warzone.


Moustache Funk

In the late 1960s, the Soviet politburo directed the creation of musical groups analogous to those of the West in a bid to sway the youth from western music. 
These groups, known as Vocal and Instrumental ensembles, went on to usher what some call the "golden era" of Ukrainian pop music. 
The creators of the film gave it the name Mustache Funk because most members of famous bands of the time wore a mustache.


The unique three turntables DJ set of techno, breaks, house and experimental
compiled from vinyls of Ukrainian artists and labels
by Vlad Fisun,
long-term contributor, music expert,
journalist and promoter.
Additional VJing is provided.

Spatif (Warsaw) VJing Version
Live in Mystetsky Arsenal

photo_2024-04-06 17.28_edited.jpg

DBS live

An active resident of Blue Note café in Strasbourg, regular host @ Voices Radio (London) and producer on Ukrainian based labels (Systema, ОЧІ). 
Originally from Khmelnitsky, Ukraine, Oleksiy reveals Krasa Podillya live a part of musical experience and aims to promote native province. Known as a crossroad of trade paths between ancestors, Podillya represents a hidden riviera of Ukraine with unique history and authentic pearls. 

Upcoming event

Join us for a charity evening at Kaleidoscoop, Strasbourg, France on Saturday May 25 dedicated to Ukrainian artists.
All profits will be donated to the organization Zvychayni Lyudy ("Ordinary People")
In the program :
Screening of the film Mustache Funk ✨
Concert by Grisly Faye, Ukrainian singer 🎶
DJ sets by Vlad Fisun, DBS and Mara Zuli (B2B)

photo_2024-04-06 14.57.45.jpeg

Charity for Children Center

The UA Soundsystem music project is raising funds to support the "Children's Development Center" in Tsyrkuny village, Kharkiv region. The center also operates as a "Resilience Point," where anyone in dangerous situations or attacks can seek refuge. It provides shelter, a generator, lighting, Starlink internet access, basic food, hot drinks, and more. In peaceful mode, the space functions as a children's development center for the Tsyrkuny community, encompassing four settlements.
Currently, over 200 children from various age groups are engaged in activities at the center.

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